torsdag 9. september 2010

New life in Paris

Im sorry, I know it as been ages since I`ve updated my blog, but things have been too stressful with new school, finding an apartment in Paris..++

Finally I found a really chic, so french and so beautiful apartment in Saint Germain.. Will be moving in this w-end. Gonna blog from Paris now..
Also starting at Art and Designer school Parsons University of Paris on monday. I was there 1week ago to an interview and oh gosh, truly an inspiring environment! Really many talented young designers at this school. Cant wait!

tirsdag 24. august 2010

The Beautiful Fall

The best tea shop in Oslo. Location: Bogstadveien, close to Majakrysset

Shoes from Karma, Oslo. I felt in love as once as I saw this white and black patterned high-heel shoes <3
Vintage in Karma
The Shoe Lounge shop, Hegdehaugsveien Oslo
Im digging this outfit!! So rock chic
Tiger of Sweden
This apricot-colored wool cardigan is so delicate and with gold sequins attached to it, makes it any outfit fabulous.
Very chic & delicate shoes and scarf from Tiger of Sweden.

Tiger of Sweden

An outfit that plays with shades an the colors of black-white and grey. Love it.
Tiger of Sweden

Cosmo, Oslo. All by Marlene Birger

I really like the skirt in this outfit. United Colors of Benetton

mandag 23. august 2010

Some goodies from Marc by Marc Jacobs

Stepped by a small shop today named " DEN DAMA" (in eng. "THAT LADY")
in Frognerveien, Oslo. They have a really good mix of different brands, a good selection of Scandinavian designer brands as well. Here you can find clothing from Malene Birger, Munthe plus Simonsen, Stella Nova, ACNE and of course Marc By Marc Jacobs, to mention some. The latter trademark has as always a lot of original and distinctive clothing and I easily managed to find some real goodies here. The woman behind the desk was also so friendly and very involved in the fashion industry. Always fun to meet engaged people!

By Day, By Night

I just love clothes you can use as a comfy day outfit and also spice up for going out at night.
Accessories yourself!

fredag 20. august 2010

A small pre touch of fall

Shoes & clothing from two of my favorite shops, ACNE and TATLER, Oslo. I love the swedish brand ACNE. It has truly become one of my favorite brands.
Oh, and the prices may be acceptable to many people. Its not too expensive!


OFW has previously not been able to be compared with our neighbors in Copenhagen when it comes to fashion week. But this year, OFW had a significantly higher standard than before and it is nice to see that Norwegian designers finally dare to drive a stronger image than before. Hopefully the fashion week in Oslo will soon be comparable to the fashion week in Copenhagen.

Venti Uno had some okey dresses. But she is a bit too conservative
if you ask me though. The designer wants to make dresses for "everyone", so I guess it makes it difficult to have the little touch of high couture in her clothing..
Fam Irvoll was a splash of colors, comme toujours .. As one of the most up and coming designers in Norway, it is always fun to see her shows. Especially since her signature is: Colour and fun fashion! Fam Irvoll dare to run her own strong image fully and truly and it is probably why her clothes is becoming more and more popular in Scandinavia.