mandag 23. august 2010

Some goodies from Marc by Marc Jacobs

Stepped by a small shop today named " DEN DAMA" (in eng. "THAT LADY")
in Frognerveien, Oslo. They have a really good mix of different brands, a good selection of Scandinavian designer brands as well. Here you can find clothing from Malene Birger, Munthe plus Simonsen, Stella Nova, ACNE and of course Marc By Marc Jacobs, to mention some. The latter trademark has as always a lot of original and distinctive clothing and I easily managed to find some real goodies here. The woman behind the desk was also so friendly and very involved in the fashion industry. Always fun to meet engaged people!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Hei:) tusen takk:)
    Så kjekt å høyre!

    Dette ser ut som ein blogg eg liker:) skal kikke litt meir seinere når eg har litt bedre tid!

    Ha ein fin dag:)

  2. Love the outfits. Great blog!