fredag 20. august 2010


OFW has previously not been able to be compared with our neighbors in Copenhagen when it comes to fashion week. But this year, OFW had a significantly higher standard than before and it is nice to see that Norwegian designers finally dare to drive a stronger image than before. Hopefully the fashion week in Oslo will soon be comparable to the fashion week in Copenhagen.

Venti Uno had some okey dresses. But she is a bit too conservative
if you ask me though. The designer wants to make dresses for "everyone", so I guess it makes it difficult to have the little touch of high couture in her clothing..
Fam Irvoll was a splash of colors, comme toujours .. As one of the most up and coming designers in Norway, it is always fun to see her shows. Especially since her signature is: Colour and fun fashion! Fam Irvoll dare to run her own strong image fully and truly and it is probably why her clothes is becoming more and more popular in Scandinavia.

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  1. i love the blue-haired model xx


  2. She was one of my favorites as well.. ;)